Lisa From BLACKPINK Spotted At Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Singapore

It’s official, Lisa from BLACKPINK is a Swiftie!! And I knew it! While Taylor Swift is dominating over internet with her ongoing The Eras Tour 2024, we are now getting back to back heartfelt moments which shows the popularity of our beloved idol. Starting from Tokyo, The Eras Tour is now taking place at Singapore: the land of beauty and diversity.

Taylor Swift is known for her outstanding works and phenomenal performances, it is the hard work and dedication of this artist which makes her a wealthy and worthy idol in any realm of music industry. The 34 year old artist was garnering a lot attention online since last year due to her latest relationship status with the popular sportsperson Travis Kelce. Both can be seen time to time, holding hands of each other and expressing love.

Now that our Taylor has landed in Singapore, her concerts are getting a lot of praise online. Not only the fans, but other popular idols can not control themselves from watching the performance of our ‘Tortured Poet‘ girl- and the latest name which is officially connected with Swifties is none other then Lisa from BLACKPINK.

While many fans were theorizing that Lisa is a Swiftie already, she herself has kept her trueself under wraps time to time. Well, we all knows that feelings can not be hidden for long, and that’s what has happened with our Lisa.

The Eras Tour Singapore is currently trending on social media, fans are gathering at the concert wearing the best dress possible. Glitters, bracelets, makeups and colors are just the part of this festival- it is our Taylor who is the heart of this tour. Fans were busy and excited to watch our Taylor on day 2 of Singapore phase when suddenly something unexpected happens.

A team of bodyguards enters in the concert area, protecting an individual who was not even visible properly (ofcourse due to the distance from public area). Suddenly a girl appears out of nowhere and marks the confirmation of being a Swiftie. That girl was our Lisa (image above)!

Lisa spotted in a beautiful hoodie with a pair of stylish gloves in her hands. She was trying to hide herself with the help of her cap, but nobody can ever hide themselves from their fans right? The limelight touches our Lisa and whole stadium gets lost in the waves of cheering.

Lisa has garnered a huge popularity and a dedicated fanbase from all across the globe. This talented girl knows how to treat her fans and deliver the best content and performance for them. She is very well known for her twisted and smooth moves which can not be copied easily. The stories of both our Taylor Swift and Lisa are quiet similar- both has faced many challenges in their initial years.

While Taylor was struggling to gather crowd and funds for herself, Lisa on the other hand was suffering from discrimination and lack of opportunities coupled up with hate and trolling. Now that both of these idols have established their names in such a way that nobody ever can touch their heights again, it feels so good to watch them supporting each other.

Not Only Lisa- We’ve Got More Swifties For Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour!

Katy Perry & Taika Waititi meets Taylor Swift
Katy Perry & Taika Waititi in The Era’s Tour Sydney

It is not the first time when an idol or a star is attending the concert of our Taylor Swift. The Australia leg of The Era’s Tour 2024 has already marked the names of multiple artists, stars and even directors who were spotted watching our Taylor in her concert.

It was the Sydney phase of The Era’s Tour where Travis Kelce first appeared to watch his love of the life, performing live. Then we got our Katy Perry on the same day who was busy in taking a glimpse of our beloved Swift. She was also seen sharing bracelets with fans during the concert. Not only this, popular Hollywood director and producer Taika Waititi was also present at the event and several other stars have expressed their love and respect for Taylor Swift.

The Eras Tour 2024 is still in it’s very early stages and no wonder if more idols, artists, directors and sportspersons makes their cameos. Sabrina Carpenter has already expressed her love through partnering in The Eras Tour. She was delivering us the opening performances throughout the Australia leg (both in Melbourne and Sydney), and to be honest, those two weeks were truly mind boggling.

Well, I just can’t wait to watch more of Taylor Swift, after all, I am also a huge fangirl aka the Swiftie of Taylor Swift. The tour is live in Singapore so try your best to catch her through her official website. Even if you are not getting any tickets then don’t worry- I got you!

I will be covering whole The Eras Tour 2024, so you can stick around the corner with TV Prism. You’ll also get a variety of content weather it is the reviews, TV Shows updates, predictions, analysis, theories and much more. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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