All Of Us Are Dead Season 2: Release Date, New Plot & Everything You Need To Know

All of Us are Dead season 2 is now among the highly anticipated projects of recent years. Not because of it’s perfect theme, but the fact that it has the potential to transform itself into a fully-grown saga is truly astonishing.

In recent years, Netflix has become a major platform for top-tier Korean dramas. Their diverse library boasts shows like the record-breaking “Squid Game,” the military drama “D.P.,” and the heartwarming romance “Twenty Five Twenty One.” Among these successes, the gripping zombie apocalypse story “All of Us Are Dead” stands out.

Unsurprisingly, the show’s cliffhanger conclusion left fans desperate for news about All of Us are Dead season 2. If you’re one of those fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter, here’s what we can glean so far…

What We Knows About “All Of Us Are Dead Season 2”?

All of Us Are Dead season 2 confirmed
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Starring Park Jihu and Yoon Chanyoung, “All of Us Are Dead” premiered on Netflix in January 2022 and swiftly captivated audiences worldwide. According to Variety, the show amassed a staggering 124.79 million viewing hours in its first week, securing the title of most-viewed premiere week for a Korean series on Netflix at that time.

The wait for season two news wasn’t long. On June 6th, 2022, Netflix officially announced All of Us Are Dead season 2 via Twitter [now X]. The announcement even included a teaser video featuring some of the show’s cast.

This news comes as no surprise, considering director Lee Jaekyu previously hinted at a potential season two. As reported by Hypebae, Lee had originally envisioned the story unfolding over multiple seasons. He expressed his desire to continue the narrative, stating, “It would be great if we could do a second season,” quoted by Lee Jaekyu. The director even teased “more interesting stories” for a potential season two, suggesting a deeper focus on the characters’ struggles for survival in the face of the ongoing zombie threat.

When Could We Get All Of Us Are Dead Season 2?

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The burning question for fans: when will “All of Us Are Dead” season 2 finally premiere? Back in June 2022, Netflix’s announcement teased a “coming soon” timeframe, but here we are in May 2024 with no confirmed release date. Unfortunately, it seems the wait might extend even longer.

According to a Star News Korea report from May 23, 2024, filming for season 2 has been pushed back to 2025. This delay prioritizes achieving a higher production quality for the upcoming season. The report mentions that filming was initially planned for this year, but the decision was made to postpone it. This suggests a potentially longer wait for the highly anticipated season.

How Many Episodes In All Of Us Are Dead Season 2?

Season one of “All of Us Are Dead” offered a captivating binge-watch experience with 12 episodes, each ranging from just under to slightly over an hour in length. This translates to a total running time of around 728 minutes. (And let’s be honest, once you start watching, those minutes will likely fly by!) While there’s no official confirmation yet on the episode count and format for season two, Netflix shows typically maintain consistency in these aspects. So, it’s likely All Of Us Are Dead season 2 will follow a similar structure as the first.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Cast: Who Is Returning?

All of Us are Dead season 2 cast
The Cast

Season one of “All of Us Are Dead” revolves around a group of high school students thrust into a horrifying situation. At the center of the story is Nam Onjo (played by newcomer Park Jihu) and her childhood friend Lee Cheongsan (played by Yoon Chanyoung). Joining them are model student Choi Namra (played by Cho Yihyun) and the resourceful Lee Suhyeok (played by Park Solomon, also known as Lomon).

The series throws a variety of characters into the mix, including the villainous Yoon Gwinam, portrayed by Yoo Insoo, and Lee Nayeon, played by Lee Yoomi who some might recognize from “Squid Game.” Other notable cast members include Im Jaehyuk as Yang Daesu, Lee Eunsaem as Park Mijin, and Ham Sungmin as Han Gyeongsu, Chaongsan’s best friend. Kim Jooah portrays Yoon Isa, Onjo’s close friend, while Son Sangyeon and Ha Seungri bring life to the Jang siblings, Woojin and Hari.

But perhaps the biggest question lingering from season one is the fate of Lee Cheongsan. The show cleverly leaves his fate ambiguous. While he’s not explicitly shown turning into a zombie, nor are his remains seen, he does get caught in the blast of a government bomb dropped on the school. The final glimpse of him shows him using Gwinam as a shield, leaving viewers to grapple with his possible survival.

Well, I will be updating this article as soon as I gets more updates, so stick around the corner with TVPrism for everything TV. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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