The Player 2: Master of Swindlers Episode 11 Trailer, Release Date & Time

‘The Player 2: Master of Swindlers’ episode 11 is all set to take you on another fun and memorable adventure. Starring Song Seung-Heon and Oh Yeon-So, this K-Drama is focusing on a group of Swindlers and how they catch rich bad guys.

Now that we’ve officially covered the mark of ten episodes, we’ve seen many cute and exciting moments of both of our main protagonists. Although I won’t be diving deep in order to avoid spoilers, the drama has made me take that extra step to talk about it’s future. So when is it’s next episode coming? Well, here’s everything that you need to know about ‘The Player 2: Master of Swindlers’ episode 11!

‘The Player 2: Master of Swindlers’ Episode 11 & 12 Release Schedule

The Player 2 Master of Swindlers episode 11 & 12 release schedule
image via TVN

First and foremost, when and where to watch the future drops? Well, ‘The Player 2: Master of Swindlers’ episode 11 will premiere on Monday, July 8, 2024 at 8:50 p.m. KST. The show is dropping two episodes per week so you should also expect it’s next drop on July 9 at same schedule respectively.

Wondering about the platform? Well, you can catch it live exclusively on TVN. Apart from this, it will also premiere on Viki. Additionally, ‘The Player 2: Master of Swindlers’ will have a total of 12 episodes, which means now we are officially going to end this story!

‘The Player 2: Master of Swindlers’ Episode 11 Trailer

The Player 2 Master of Swindlers poster
Official Poster

Just in case if you are wondering about it’s official trailer then let me tell you that Yes! We indeed have an official trailer. You can watch it on the official social media pages of TVN, although here I am going to describe you everything precisely.

‘The Player 2: Master of Swindlers’ episode 11 trailer begins Soo-Min, who can be seen asking about the connection of Sang-Ho and Jeffrey. The talk is taking place between Soo-min and Ha-Ri. After few quick shots, we see Ha-Ri who is finally arriving to take the final shot on the big-bad aka the Jeffrey.

During his attempt, the powers of Jeffrey gets a bit too much for Ha-Ri and his team which later drops them and their lives in danger. The short trailer ends on a very interesting note where Ha-Ri can be seen pointing a gun at the president while asking about his evil plans.

Though I am not sure if he will really shoot him up or not, but as much as I can predict, an unexpected twist will take place here. Maybe someone from the guards of Jeffrey might appear to protect their leader, or what if Ha-Ri pressed the trigger?

Of course we do have so many questions burning in our minds, and everything will get clear in next episode. So keep an eye on them.

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