The Boys Season 4 Black Noir: Who And How He Returned?

The Boys season 4 is finally out and as expected, it has delivered some of the most iconic and unexpected twists (Yes! Already!) The first three episodes are not available to stream on your beloved Amazon Prime Video and I am pretty sure that most of you have already watched them.

All three drops from the fourth season are fun, engaging and highly insane (I don’t know if that’s the word), but one person is stealing the whole show. Of course Homelander and gang is looking just too good to be true but I am talking about someone who was supposedly died in previous episodes. Yes, he is none other then the phenomenal ‘Black Noir’.

[Warning: This article contains some of the most heavy spoilers from The Boys Season 4, so you may want to leave if you’ve not watched it yet!]

How Did Black Noir Returned In The Boys Season 4?

The Boys season 4 Black Noir
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In third season, we witnessed a very unexpected sequence where Homelander brutally kills our Noir after knowing that he is the one who was hiding the truth behind Homelander’s father. Though we also knows that neither in show or any other cast member confirmed about his death officially, but again “Never say Never!”

No in the first episode of ‘The Boys season 4,’ it was really shocking when Black Noir appears on our screens all of a sudden. But the real question is: ‘How?‘ And even if he is alive, then again: ‘How?

The scene which catches our eyes is when our hero Noir joins the talks at the table and The Deep greets him. You know what, the looks at Homelander’s face truly got me. Anyways, we gets a sense of shock when Noir speaks. Yes! The hero who is known for keeping his mouth shut is finally speaking in The Boys season 4. He says, “Yo what the fu*k, that was so f*cked up you guys!

Though the sense of surprise which was bothering us settles as soon as second episode begins. It is revealed that our newly born (just kidding) Noir shows up on the set of A-Train’s new movie set. Surprisingly, he speaks again and says, “Hey! Can we talk?” to which A-Train reminds him that real Black Noir never talks.

It indeed gives us some hints but things gets crystal clear in next few seconds when Noir replied by saying, “Look, playing Noir has been a meaningful challenge but yesterday was wack as f*ck. I’m just having troubles with Noir’s motivation.

So unsurprisingly, it settles all those rumors and speculations behind the real state of Noir. It simply means that the man who is behind the mask of our newly found Black is none other then an actor who is hired by Vought. To answer the question of ‘Why,’ I am predicting that all these stuffs are a part of plan to hide that brutal murder which has been done by Homelander.

Although behind all these wild speculations and acting stuffs, what’s more funny is the part where credits rolls. I mean, if you’ll pay a close attention then you can find the name of Nathan Mitchell, the original actor who played Noir in first three seasons. Still I am taking it as a joke which may or may not be cracked by the cast and team.

The Boys season 4 is now streaming on Amazon Prime so make sure to renew your subscriptions (if not already) and take a deep dive into the brutal yet fun world of our “guardians!” Till then – stay tuned to TVPrism for everything TV. Stay safe, peace out!

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