Scarlett Johansson Shared New Updates On ‘Just Cause,’ Her Amazon Prime Series

Scarlett Johansson has officially shared an exclusive update on her upcoming Amazon Prime original series namely ‘Just Cause.’ While the actress us currently a lot of fame for her upcoming special project ‘Fly Me to the Moon,’ I was waiting for her to give us a glimpse from her TV series.

While talking to Deadline, Scarlett said, “It’s coming along…it’s being written.” This short yet an engaging talk was taking place in her world premiere of ‘Fly Me to the Moon,’ which is now receiving a lot of praise online.

While no updates regarding this TV series were coming out, speculations about the potential cancellations were about to begin. “There was a little bit of a pause during the strike so some of the development, it was like everyone – we were in a holding pattern, but we’re now writing away,” she added.

What Is Scarlett Johansson Led ‘Just Cause’ About?

Scarlett Johansson shared news on 'Just Cause TV Series'
Scarlett Johansson

Now you may be wondering about the main theme of this upcoming show. Well, I got you!

‘Just Cause’ is a special TV series based on John Katzenbach’s 1992 novel, in which she stars and executive produces. Although it has been announced as a limited series, but I’d suggest you to expect it’s extension as well. That’s simply because we’ve seen in past few months how companies like Netflix and other streaming houses are capitalizing their projects by extending or renewing them – even after releasing them as a so-called ‘limited-series.’

Talking about the main plot then ‘Just Cause’ will revolve around female lead Madison “Madi” Cowart (being played by Scarlett Johansson), who is a struggling reporter for a Florida newspaper. She is being assigned the task to cover the final days of Miami-based newspaper editorial writer Matt Cowart, who is undergoing a gender swap.

To be honest, the short synopsis is giving me the vibes of a documentary-based show. It is going to be a fun adventure to watch Scarlett filling the shoe of a media reporter.

Meanwhile filmmaker Cord Jefferson and writer John Wells are set to co-write the first episode. Additionally, the duo will also be producing the series as whole. Wondering about the producer? Well, let me add that John Wells Productions is all set to be the producer of the series.

‘Just Cause’ is now under active state of development at Amazon Prime studios, and I will be covering everything for you. This article will be updated as soon as they delivers more casting and release dates updates, so keep an eye on us.

Stay tuned to TVPrism for catching some of the most exclusive, engaging and well-crafted content about everything TV and your favorite idols. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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