Inside Out 2 Box Office Eying The ‘$1B’ Mark With A Massive $295 Million Opening!

It’s official! Happy Inside Out 2 month to everyone because that’s what is trending at the point. Long story short, Disney-Pixar is back. Their domination is back and with that comes back to back straight hits which they are known for.

Inside Out 2 is finally out in theatres worldwide and oh my goodness! What a masterpiece it really is. It’s been a decade (almost) since we last saw the adventures of emotions, but 2024 is proving to be a comeback year for many companies. Luckily, it includes Disney and Pixar as well.

With the happiness of Joy, low-mood of sadness or shame of embarrassment, Inside Out 2 is delivering everything in a very beautiful way, but what’s looking even more beautiful are the Box-Office numbers which are now dominating (or should I say wiping away) everywhere.

Inside Out 2 Is Now The Highest Grossing Opening Weekend Animated Movie!

Inside Out 2 Box Office
image via Pixar

Inside Out 2 has officially earned a whooping amount of $295 on it’s worldwide box office opening weekend. It not only makes this project the most successful animated movie of recent times, but also gives the title of the only Pixar animated movie which has touched this mark (ever).

According to Deadline, “Inside Out 2” was initially projected to earn between $150 and $155 million in ticket sales domestically during it’s opening weekend itself. The movie has grossed more then $50 million every single day so no wonder if it goes for some of the bigger fishes of the market.

While as of now, Inside Out 2 indeed is looking for a dominative collection, it is unlikely to surpass “Barbie’s” $162 million record. However, if it continues the trend – coupled up with the benefit of the weekend, then it might establish some of the most epic achievements for sure.

One of the biggest reason behind this massive success is the pre-sales. Additionally, this also sets up a perfect base for Inside Out 2 to potentially achieve the milestone of “first Disney-Pixar animated movie to gross over billion dollars ever since 2019.”

The previous record was reserved by the one and only ‘Incredibles 2′ that was opened with $182.6 million. The Super Mario Bros Movie’ was at second (now third) place with $146 million.

Inside Out 2 Pixar
image via Pixar

Both Disney and Pixar movies were suffering on box office for a while now. ‘Lightyear’ was coming straight from one of their most successful animation franchise ‘Toy Story,’ but it failed too badly that I personally avoids talking about that.

Meanwhile Disney suffered a massive loss with both ‘Strange World’ and ‘Wish’. So Inside Out 2 is now bringing back the lost fame of both of these companies once again.

Adding: it is first time after many years when both the critics and the audience is praising a Disney-Pixar animated project. The current critics score of Inside Out 2 is 94%, meanwhile the audience score is at 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Talking about the “Cinemascore” then the sequel is reserving a very impressive ‘Rating A’. The movie is dealing with some of the most emotional moments. My review? Well, it starts at a perfect pace where you gets attached from the very first second.

Riley’s personal choices are getting a lot of attention while the best part of this whole movie is the gang of new emotions. Character development is taking place in a very impressive manner while the ending looks conclusive at first place, but creates pretty big plot themes for future.

So Disney-Pixar fans, grab some popcorns, take your loved ones and go on a wild ride of Inside Out 2. The movie is currently playing in theatres all across the globe. Make sure to stay tuned to TVPrism where we brings you some of the most engaging, original and exclusive reviews, explanations, analysis, updates and more.

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