“Dark Matter Season 2 Will Reportedly Happen,” Confirms Series’ Star Joel Edgerton

Will Dark Matter season 2 happen? That’s a pretty big question especially when we takes a look at it’s overall performance and engagement ratio. While no official announcements are currently available regarding the renewal of this “so-called” limited series, actor Joel Edgerton has shared his exclusive words on the possibilities of more seasons.

What is he saying and why you can sit back and relax? Here I am sharing everything that has been confirmed so far about Dark Matter season 2.

Is Dark Matter Season 2 Happening?

Dark Matter season 2 gets promising updates
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In recent years, we’ve seen how the shows that were initially titled as “limited time series” are getting renewed for more seasons. Best example can be FX’s ‘Shogun,’ which is now a multi-part TV show where two more consecutive seasons are currently under works.

Now the eyes are on ‘Dark Matter.’ What Apple TV is planning? Luckily, in an exclusive interview with Decider, series star Joel says “they’ll definitely do more.” Not only this, he also shared his gratitude for the audience for supporting them throughout the first season.

“I think everybody’s sort of open to it, for sure. I think everyone had a wonderful time,” Edgerton remarked. “If there’s a world where people want more of ‘Dark Matter’ and there was enough of an audience that was there watching it and saw it through to the end, I think they’ll definitely do more,” he continued.

Though we might have to wait a bit more for hearing official words from the company itself, but Joel’s comments are enough to build a hype among us for future installments.

Creators Are Open For More ‘Dark Matter’ Adventures!

Dark Matter season 1
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I’d also love to add the name of the creator and author Blake Crouch, who has always showed interest in expansion of projects. Wayward Pines can be the best example of one such expansions as well. Blake has also commented on the chances of more seasons aka Dark Matter season 2, or if they are really looking forward or not.

There’s always an open endedness in my novels. I want the reader to continue the journey in their own mind,” says Blake. It also shows that chances are lying somewhere in the story itself which can later result in more installments.

Although she didn’t mentioned her interest directly, Blake wants to give enough time and also thinks that everything has been covered beautifully in first season itself. She wants to give enough time to the viewers to experience every inch of this show again and again before renewing it for more seasons.

As for a season 2, I think we have to let the series play out [and] we have to see where things stand and just do a gut check. See if there’s an appetite for that. But right now, I think we’re just really excited to let everyone finish this first season, which is just the book. We didn’t leave anything out. We didn’t hold anything back for a season 2. Everything in the book that we loved is in this season,” explains Blake.

So long story short, doors are open for Dark Matter season 2. It all depends on the overall performance and the response or love of the audience. As for an instant, no official confirmations are announced by them, but things might change in the near future. I will make sure to update you as soon as they drops the bomb.

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[Dark Matter is now streaming on Apple TV!]

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